19 May / 2017

The State of Photobooks Today : talk by Virginia Dodier at 23 Sandy Gallery, Portland, OR 2011

Interest in photobooks is exploding, as witnessed by the many websites and blogs devoted to producing, studying and collecting them. On-demand publishing provides global distribution, which in turns broadens the audience of photographers, students and collectors, who in turn communicate and collaborate via the Internet. Virginia Dodier —photography historian and photobook enthusiast—presents an illustrated overview of the burgeoning international photobook scene. She’ll also discuss how self-publishing and print-on-demand online services have affected the whole concept of the photobook as a collectible object.

Virginia Dodier’s 30-year career includes five years at The Museum of Modern Art. She is the author of “Clementina, Lady Hawarden: Studies from Life, 1857-1864,” published by Aperture and the Victoria & Albert Museum in 1999. She has a master’s degree in library science and an archives studies certificate with a specialization in photobooks and artists books.

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