24 Mar / 2017

Making 3D Printed Art Toy Codename Colossus – Photo shoot. Week 9

Introducing Codename Colossus. A fully 3D printed, electronic and mechanical art toy that is hand assembled. This piece of dieselpunk mecha is going to be exhibited at the New York Comic Con 2015 in October 8-11 at booth #443.

Week 9 of the build log comes to you from the photo studio where I was taking the product photographs to be used in the backdrop for my exhibition booth in New York Comic Con 2015. Special thanks to Goi from Lucidity for conducting the shoot, May from WFRIC World for her help taking the videos, and from WFRIC World for sponsoring the studio and equipment rental.

Hopefully, I can spend most of next week assembling the Colossus. Wish me luck on this last lap.

Watch the Introduction Video to this project

Watch the whole playlist of this build log

Find out more at http://machinationstudio.com
Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/og5kb5d
Twitter: http://tinyurl.com/pe52862
Tumblr: http://tinyurl.com/pcbra8y

A special thanks to:

Everyone at WFRIC World for engineering and production support

Rick Treweek at Trobok Toys for introducing me to 3D printing and helping me with my early prototype

The ever patient David Teo, Interactive Design Extraordinaire from Singapore for sharing his expertise

Goi Chin Yee at Lucidity for brainstorming and sharing sessions

Woosh sound effect was recorded by Mark DiAngelo

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