24 Feb / 2017

Southwest Offset Printing

California’s premier printing company, with locations in LA and San Jose. We specialize in magazines, catalogs, brochures, newspapers, and more!

Why Choose Southwest Offset Printing?
At Southwest Offset Printing, no print job is too small… or too big. With more than 250,000 square feet of printing facilities strategically located in Los Angeles and San Jose, Southwest Offset Printing is one of California’s largest privately owned printers. We employ over 550 employees expertly trained to operate eight press lines comprised of 192 printing units and thirteen combination folders capable of producing over 75,000 tons of printed product each year.

Southwest Offset Printing leverages our efficiency of scale to meet the urgent demands of any high-volume printing job. With a relentless commitment to 100% on-time delivery, we satisfy our clients’ critical turnarounds while exceeding their expectations for quality. The New York Times, London Financial Times, The Daily Racing Form, The Hollywood Reporter, and USA Today — these are just some of the publishing powerhouses who entrust their reputations, as well as their publications, to Southwest Offset Printing. We’ve built our clientele and our success by delivering on time — especially at crunch time.

Southwest Offset Printing is not only one of the most trusted names in the print industry, we are also known for our unwavering commitment to environmentally-friendly, ecologically sound print practices. We strive to reduce waste, minimize VOCs, and increase energy efficiency with every job that we complete, creatively achieving your goals while doing our part to preserve our planet’s precious resources.

Choose Southwest Offset Printing today for your next printing job, and join the long list of distinguished clients who enjoy our unrivaled quality, quick turnarounds, competitive pricing, and the peace of mind that results from working with a true industry leader.

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