1 Jun / 2017

Qingdao CSY best multifunction inkjet printer,large format digital printers

Qingdao CSY Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd is a professional company which is devoted to the R&D,production of digital textile printer.The R&D Department is formed by professional engineers in this industry.We are able to independently developed digital printing control technology which is the core of digital print equipment.It provides a good guarantee for company’s continuous development in future.
Our main product series are: CSY belt textile printer 1600TE/1800TE/3200TE,CSY direct inkjet printer CSY1600F/1800F/3200F,CSY Heat Transfer Printer 1800/3200,CSY Coating Machine CSY1600C/1800C.Comparing with other similar products,our machines are more perfect on function,more flexible and more cost-effective.
We are devoted to provide qualified product which is more stable,more flexible,more perfect to our customers. We would like to cooperate with customers in accordance with the policy”Grow together,get mutual benefit”.We will sincerely provide perfect equipments which is more competitive and more cost effective.We will work hard for it.

The digital textile printer can directly print the colorful pictures in PC on pre-coated fabrics like cotton, hemp, wool, silk, or the mixed fabrics with direct injection technology. The machine can work with reactive ink, acid ink, sublimation ink and other inks on different fabrics. After printing, the fabrics will be steamed to make the color fixed on fabrics. Finally the fabrics will be washed and then the finished product comes out.

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