Fashion Fur For All Seasons

Turn Heads with your Fur Statement Piece

Do you have the guts to wear real fur gilet People who choose to wear a fur gilet get a lot of bad rap from others? But to each her own! Wear what you love and what you like while keeping warm, chic, and true to your heart’s desires. Fashion has no room for guilt, only confidence and style. Layering a fur gilet, jacket, poncho, or vest is the best layering piece for this called season. Follow these easy wearing tips and enjoy the stares from friends who are not daring enough to put on the same piece.

Start Small

If you’re still ambivalent about wearing a real fur gilet, then start with a smaller piece. Wearing a vest with a fur collar can give you the feel of what it’s like to have animal fur. A dainty touch so near the face frames it well and adds a touch of glam. This baby piece can very well be your gateway item to a closet full of mink.

Consider the Length

It is crucial to consider the scale of the fur item when choosing one. Do you fancy a long, flowy fur or do you prefer to have it stop midway? These luxe items can be quite above the average budget so you need to decide head on which look feels right for you. This is not the same as choosing your regular hoodie.

Color Palette

There are many types of fur to choose from and they also come in various colors. Stick to the neutrals of beige, black, and white. But if you’re really a trend-setting fashion maven, then going for a shocking animal print pattern might be up your ally.

Biceps Not Necessary

Do not be a fashion don’t! Never wear your furry fashion accent pieces like a fur vest inside a long dowdy coat and jacket. Why hide its natural beauty? That totally defeats the purpose of this gorgeous piece. Remember to keep your arms free and choose only a plain long sleeved t-shirt to go under the chunky fur vest. Let this statement piece shine and do all fashion heavy lifting.

Mix and Match

Fur goes well with a lot of other times in your wardrobe. It pair beautifully with denim and boots. In the same token, it feels a right match with girly, flowy dresses, tight and boots. The fur can also look ever so chic and glam with a maxi dress. There are really many options to choose from. Mixing and matching with the fur piece in your wardrobe extends its wear making the daily cost per wear a reasonable investment.


The thing about fur is that it can be worn in many different occasions. It is a versatile piece of garment that can take you from day tonight. You can wear it to the office, to a night out, to a cocktail party, to a casual hang out, and even to date night. Having this in your closet means you will have a go to ensemble that never gets old. Wherever you go, it is a guarantee that you will be turning heads. Click here for more information.