23 Feb / 2017

digital screen maker for silk screen printing

This is a high-speed digital screen maker for silk screen printing. You can easily make screens and save the screen making cost with this. In addition, we have a wide range of mesh lineup from #50 to #300, and you can use any kinds of inks. Therefore, it is available for various applications.

Screens are completed in about 2 minutes from when you push the button. Create screen from image files as if you were printing them out.

You can export digital files directly from an SD card and make them straight into screen, so there is no need to create a transparency film of the image.

After connecting the file export device, simply set the frame fitted with the specialized film and push the button. The plate is complete in about 2 minutes.

No need to spend time with washing emulsions and drying, you can begin printing as soon as the plate is made.

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