24 Feb / 2017

$20 Screen Printing Press

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A single color screen printing press made from a single 8′ long 2×4, a piece of 3/4 scrap plywood, and some hardware. All for less than ! All you need to add is a screen.

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16 thoughts on “$20 Screen Printing Press”

  1. armando rodriguez

    Hello very neat your work exelente you could pass all the measures of the wood that you used for the work thanks

  2. shahid mitchell

    if i pay you can you build on for me? i can assemble it once the parts are pre drilled and cut

  3. مزارع المهندس أحمد الالمانى لكل انواع الطيور

    i want building Screen Printing 6Colour T Shirts i need Dimensions can you help me


    You do good work for a young fella, must've been paying attention in Woodshop instead of making pipes on the lathe.

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