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Ricoh Head T-shirt Printer GJ5625 , is specially for T-shirt printing , it can print white ink and color ink at the same time. For all color T-shirt printing workflow: A. Place T-shirt on heat presser for 20 seconds B.Spray pre-coating liquid Discover A Lot More
Amydor 320 digital grosgrain ribbon printer , fabric ribbon printer machine Amydor Grosgrain Ribbon Printer Printed grosgrain ribbon might be discovered all over, from the tie on a bundle in a chic little boutique to the offered theme at today's Discover A Lot More
Advantages 1.Printing part: *Epson DX7 heads, or Seiko 508GS heads optional. *Printhead height adjustable from 2mm to 30mm. For cotton printing, 2 mm-3 mm; For wool printing,3 mm-5 mm *Sublimation ink, reactive ink, pigment ink etc can be used Discover A Lot More