3 Feb / 2017

This Man Made $250M in Counterfeit Money and Got Away with It*

*Well, kind of. Meet Frank Bourassa, a Quebec native who printed a reported 0 million in counterfeit money and was able to sell million of it before getting caught. Here’s how he did it

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This Man Made 0M in Counterfeit Money and Got Away with It*

Starring: Frank Bourassa
Director: Jake Kovnat at Sons and Daughters Production
Executive Producer: Liane Thomas at Sons and Daughters Production and Patty Bradley at Crush
Producer: Chelsea Strachan at Sons and Daughters Production
Editor: Kat Webber at Panic and Bob Editing
Animator: Yoho Yue at Crush
Composer: Roger Neill

Designer & Animator
Stefan Woronko at Crush

Colour & Flame Artist
Andrew Hobbs at Crush

Senior Producer
Janice Rebelo at Crush

Sound Engineer
Kyle Anderson at Pirate Toronto

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