30 May / 2017

Unique Business Cards that work like a Search-Engine! Don’t Believe It?

Unique Business Cards with Fast Internet Connection? It is possible, just watch our video now!
Prospect Chooses any card and writes your name in the “Search-4-Me™” Search Field and voila! The blank side of card instantly transforms into your business card in full color !
Search-4-Me BusinessCards™ give you high impact advertising un-like any other business card. Your clients, prospects & clients will be totally amazed everytime you perform this feat! These cards are approximately the same size as a credit card and are designed with rounded corners to fit in the wallet for long keeping.

*We’ll customize them with your logo, name, website, phone, email address, QR code, whatever you desire in high resolution digital full color printing. We’ll create the perfect theme for your business!
For more info, please visit us @ http://www.googoo-me.com
-Thank You

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